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    Voronoi Map of Closest International Airport to any Point on the Globe

    (Source: Washington Post)

  2. thepalestineyoudontknow:

    Horseman overlooking the village of Daburiyyah on the slopes of Mount Tabor, Galilee , Palestine . ( R: Khalil Raad collection1876-1918)

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  3. rosswolfe:

    Moisei Ginzburg, Solomon Lisagor, and Gustav Gassenpflug, model of the competition entry for the Palace of the Soviets (1931).
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  4. Now reading, will give thoughts/recommendations when I’m done. 

  5. rosswolfe:

    A younger Georg Lukács, shortly after the death of his first wife, Adele Wertheimer, in 1917.


  6. "If there is one commonplace which cannot be too strongly emphasized, it is that the communist party is the organizational expression of the revolutionary will of the proletariat. It is therefore by no means bound to embrace the whole of the proletariat from the very outset; as the conscious leader of the revolution, as the embodiment of the revolutionary idea, its task is rather to unite the most conscious sections, the vanguard, the really revolutionary and fully class-conscious workers. The revolution itself is brought about necessarily by the natural laws governing the economic forces. The duty and the mission of communist parties everywhere is to supply the revolutionary movement – which to a large extent arises independently of them – with a direction and a goal and to lead the elemental outbreaks sparked off by the collapse of the capitalist economic order on to the only viable path of salvation, on to the dictatorship of the proletariat."
    — Georg Lukács | The Moral Mission of the Communist Party (1920)
  7. grupaok:

    Sergei Tret’iakov, double page spread from USSR In Construction, 1934

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  8. In an effort to save the massive amount of energy standard streetlights consume, and to present drivers with more information on the road, a Dutch company has transformed a highway in the Netherlands into an eerie glow-in-the-dark smart highway.

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