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    Առորա Մարտիկանեան
    Aurora Mardiganian

    Armenian girl at the age of fourteen saw her entire family get slaughtered as she was made to watch. After that she forced to march over 1,400 miles, during which she was kidnapped and sold into the slave markets, Aurora ended in the hands of Ottoman Officers and  was brutally raped and tortured by Turkish, Kurdish and German officers for two years. Besides being raped , she was physically tortured because she did not renounce her Christian faith.

    This was not a unique story as it is shared by tens of thousands of other Armenian, Assyrian and Greek women during the Armenian Genocide. but was is unique is what happened next. She stayed strong and managed to escape and eventually end up in USA. 

    Knowing her fight was not over, In 1918, the book “Ravished Armenia” based on her story was published in USA, written by her with the help of Harvey Gates. Then, by the plot of this book, the first film about the Armenian Genocide was produced in Hollywood, where she came up as a screenwriter and actress.

    The entire revenue of the film, 30 million American dollars was provided to 60 thousand Armenian orphans suffering from the Genocide.

    Mardiganian was referred to in the press as the Joan of Arc of Armenia, describing her role as the spokesperson for the victims of the horrors that were then taking place in Turkey and the catalyst for the humanist movement in America. She is just one of the many millions of victims of the Armenian Genocide. A Genocide that claimed 1,5 million Armenians, 750 thousand Assyrians and 900 thousand Greeks. And left millions of others scared for life.

    She died in 1994, she endured hardships and tragedy left an lasting mark on her soul. 


  2. "He is freezing in the cold water, dying, while Winslet is safely floating on a large piece of wood; aware that she is losing him, she cries: ‘I’ll never let you go!’, and, while saying this, she pushes him away with her hands - why? Beneath the story of a love couple, Titanic tells another story, the story of a spoiled high-society girl in an identity-crisis: she is confused, doesn’t know what to do with herself, and, much more than her love partner, di Caprio is a kind of ‘vanishing mediator’ whose function is to restore her sense of identity and purpose in life, her self-image (quite literally, also: he draws her image); once his job is done, he can disappear. This is why his last words, before he disappears in freezing North Atlantic, are not the words of a departing lover’s, but, rather, the last message of a preacher, telling her how to lead her life, to be honest and faithful to herself, etc. What this means is that Cameron’s superficial Hollywood-Marxism (his all too obvious privileging of the lower classes and caricatural depiction of the cruel egotism and opportunism of the rich) should not deceive us: beneath this sympathy for the poor, there is another narrative, the profoundly reactionary myth, first fully deployed by Kipling’s Captain Courageous, of a young rich person in crisis who gets his (or her) vitality restored by a brief intimate contact with the full-blooded life of the poor. What lurks behind the compassion for the poor is their vampiric exploitation."
    — Slavoj Žižek | On the movie Titanic in A Pervert’s Guide to Family

  3. "There are only 3 ways of increasing the riches of a state: the first is by war: that is robbery; the second is by commerce: this is cheating; and the third is by agriculture: this is the only honest way."
    — Benjamin Franklin quoted by Karl Marx - Economic Manuscripts 1861 (via dailymarx)

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    If you’re going to read one book on Lebanese modern history/politics - to put today into context for you -  let it be Traboulsi’s a History of Modern Lebanon

    Also fuckyeajews' (thank you so much for this) Dropbox on Lebanon contains this book and others so check it out here. 

  6. NGC 2170 in the constellation Monoceros

    Image credit: Adam BlockMt. Lemmon SkyCenterU. Arizona

  7. — Antonio Gramsci | Our Marx (1918)

  8. The California Nebula in the constellation Perseus 

    Image credit: Bob CatonAl HowardEric ZbindenRogelio Bernal Andreo, Rogelio Bernal Andreo


  9. Anonymous asked: do you think love is possible in such a shit world

    Of course it is, because of this shit world, not in spite of it. 

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    Marx és Engels | Segesdi György in Szoborpark (1971)