1. Nahr Al Kalb (the River of the Dog) is a river in Lebanon that originates in the famous Jeita Grotto and runs for 31 kilometers before flowing into the Mediterranean Sea close to the city of Jounieh. Overlooking the river is the statue of Christ that appears in the photo at the bottom.

    What distinguishes Nahr Al Kalb from other rivers in Lebanon, are the engravings in the stones directly above the river, right before where it mixes with the sea, that can easily be seen from the highway that joins Beirut to the North. Most armies that passed through Lebanon have left their mark on the rocks above the river, beginning with Ramses II, passing through Nebuchadnezzar, Esarhaddon, Marcus Aurelius, and ending with the French colonizers in the early 1990s. Some of the older engravings have been moved so that they may be better preserved, but they can be seen here.  

    In the second photograph from top, you can see the engravings that were left by Ramses II (on the left) and the Assyrian king Esarhaddon. Below that is the engraving left by Napolean III of France’s army in 1861. Then comes the engraving left by the British Army at the end of World War I. General Henri Gouraud also left an engraving with the beginning of the French mandate in Syria and Lebanon in 1920. Even the Ausralian army left an engraving at Nahr Al Kalb, proudly declaring that they have “brought freedom to Syria and Lebanon”. Finally, the two most recent engravings were made by the Lebanese themselves. The first was made when the last of the remaining French troops left Lebanon, three years after independence in 1946, and the second after Lebanon was liberated from ‘Israeli’ occupation in the year 2000.

    The photo before last shows the old engravings as they appeared side by side before they were removed from the site so that they may be preserved. 

    Thank you be2lawabitch for giving me the idea to make this post <3

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